Protect Your Bottom Line

Protect  Your Bottom Line

With A Good Clean Ceiling

  • Productivity– Health inspections can slow down your productivity if you and your staff are having to take corrective action
  • Solution-CLS Services Cleans Sanitizes and Deodorizes Ceilings and Walls to keep your staff doing their own job
  • Staff Buy In By showing your staff that you care about the condition of your kitchen they also will care about it’s condition
  • Partnership-Lead by example forming a partnership with local experts to care for their workplace
  • Health Benefit-Keeping surfaces clean keeps harmful bacteria away, the ceiling is the least often cleaned surface in the kitchen
  • Staying Healthy-Our Oxygenated solution keeps your staff and customers out of harms way
  • First Impression-A bright inviting area makes a great first impression for anyone (inspectors) visiting your kitchen
  • Satisfaction Guarantee-Leaving nothing to look at is our ultimate goal we strive for your satisfaction
  • Protect Your Investment-Keeping your equipment clean keeps you from having to replace it, your ceiling is no different
  • Custom Service Plan-We will create a service plan specific to your needs
  • Compliance-What do you suppose the flame spread rate of a greasy dirty ceiling is?
  • Restoration-Proper cleaning will restore the flame spread rate, acoustic and reflective properties of your ceiling
  • Expensive-Replacing or Painting dirty unsanitary ceiling is costly and disruptive to business
  • Savings-Cleaning saves big bucks, cost is substantially less than the alternative and can be done overnight
  • Call Immediately for a Free evaluation and Test Clean

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