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Colorado Chefs Association

Thank You Colorado Chefs Association

A special thank you to Joan Brewster of the Colorado Chefs Association for inviting me as her guest to their recent meeting at Mile High Stadium. Where the guest of honor was the Denver Bacon Company who makes The Best Bacon. There were several stations where some awesome chefs and chefs in training were making very tasty dishes out of the bacon provided to them. Who would have thought bacon caramel would be so tasty?

It didn’t take long to see the passion and professionalism of the people in this group. This was a great opportunity to meet people who are serious about their business. From the chefs all the way to the distributors, other service providers like sharpeners and of course Ceiling Cleaners or anyone else who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry and understand the needs of their partners. This is the association to be a member of for  anyone in or around the industry.

Clean Asian Restaurant

Cleaning Asian Restaurants Is Best Left To Pros


The kitchen in an Asian Restaurant is a busy place with a lot of activity. Constant flare ups from the open flame woks and steamy sauces create an environment that is not easy to keep clean. Periodically they need to call in the professionals, from Hood Cleaning companies, grease trap cleaners all the way up to the ceiling where it all ends up. Ask Helen at the Honey Bee Asian Bistro. This is not an easy place to work, with all the equipment and food storage containers in typically small spaces. The cleaning crews have to be dedicated professionals who know how to use the products and equipment that they bring with them. CLS Services uses only safe, water based, biodegradable cleaning solution, but as a precaution we cover all of the important stuff anyway. There is no need to close the restaurant to have a good cleaning done. We come in after closing and work our magic with no disruption to business.

extreme clean webExtreme cleaned web

Extreme cleaning is needed in hard to reach spaces

cleaning in progress webCleaned web

cleaning in process                               finished product

Keeping our college campuses clean

   College Campus Cleaning

Keeping our college campuses clean and sanitary is a huge concern in this day and age. There are so many young people in and out all the time. This means cleaning is of the utmost importance. So many surfaces in so many places, how could they all stay clean? Simple answer, they don’t. Although, the Courtyard Cafe at Auraria Campus has made great strides in keeping their space a clean safe place for the students to grab a bite to eat. Owner Brian contracted us to clean the ceilings behind the serving line and in the open cafeteria area for a brighter, cleaner appearance and a more sanitary place for people to eat. Between semesters was a perfect time to get in during daylight hours and take care of business. Not everyone has these opportune down times, that is why our services are available at anytime for the convenience of our customers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s light outside or not. We will come in and cover up sensitive equipment or surfaces. Take our specialized brushes and clear the loose dust. Using our safe biodegradable water based solution we will get down to business cleaning the ceiling (and walls if you like) and fixtures. HVAC diffusers take some special attention and show us if the filters are getting changed often enough. At the end of our day (or night) everything will get cleaned up and uncovered leaving the space ready for use when the staff arrives. They will find a Certificate of Sanitation and a bright clean place to work.








Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Restaurant kitchen cleaning shows the most dramatic results as there is usually visible grime on the ceiling. The Breckenridge Brewery Tasting Room was a prime example with their wood smoked bbq kitchen. The wonderful smelling and tasting smoke rises to the ceiling everytime that big ol smoker is opened. A not so large kitchen turned out to be a large job. Cleaning around the smoker and other regular kitchen equipment was all done at night while the restaurant was closed. Leaving a clean appearance when the am shift showed up to begin their work for the day

ready for cleaningdirty diffusercleaning in progressclean ceiling and diffuser

Smoke Damage Cleanup Denver

I recently was able to do a test clean  on a house fire for my friends at Commercial Fire and Water. My system definitely cleans residue from ceilings and walls as well as baseboards and doors. Flat paint is not the greatest thing to clean, but my product is gentle enough that it did not simply wipe away the flat paint as you might expect. I have had no report of residual smoke odor since the cleaning was done.



Getting Started Ceiling & Wall Cleaning


Denver and Colorado Springs Ceiling and Wall Cleaners

Getting Started. Obviously the first step is the easiest; take a look up at the ceiling above you. Next, you have to make a decision. Is that ceiling dirty? stained? unsanitary? or just old?

The answer isn’t always readily apparent, with nothing to compare with what you are seeing. We all know that any porous surface like ceiling tiles will absorb dirt, smoke, grease, amino and fatty acids, micro dust, bacteria…. Even if the affects aren’t visible. Some signs of a dirty surface are odor, reduction in reflective properties or even transmission of germs, not to mention a poor appearance in your place of business. Even nonporous surfaces collect dirt, grease and bacteria which can be unsightly and unsanitary.

Have these surfaces been cleaned recently?  Ever?  Has the space always been used for the same purpose as it is used now? Was smoking allowed? Were hair and nail products used?  Was it a kitchen or is it still?

So at some point I think we can agree that these surfaces need to be cleaned sanitized and deodorized. How are you going to accomplish that? Get on a ladder? Use a scrub brush? Cleaning chemicals? Are they hazardous or leave residue that will attract more dirt, or even destroy flame spread rate? Can you get it done along with everything else that you already have to get done? Will cleaning these surfaces cause disruption to business?

I have the best answer to all of those questions! The answer is simple!

Call CLS Services LLC  303-880-1514 and have Chris come out and do a free demo or simply schedule a crew. This system has been used safely and affectively for over 25 years, to clean sanitize and deodorize ceilings and walls for businesses like McDonalds, Applebees, Pizza Hut, Ramada Inn’s, Disney World and many others. Take advantage of a 10% discount for first time clients and then continue to get 10% for any other client you refer. Cash in your pocket. Our services are performed at your convenience after your business is closed.  Our biodegradable EPA rated oxygenated cleaning solution does not leave odor or residue and is safe around and on all appliances, cooking surfaces, lights and diffusers and any other surface that we would get it on. Your space will be left clean and ready for use when your next shift begins, it all happens while you are away doing better things.

Saving money is easy when you choose to clean sanitize and deodorize your ceiling rather than replace or even paint it. Cleaning costs approx only 10% of replacement. Replacement can’t be done while your business is open and it can be dusty. Cleaning using CLS Services LLC cost roughly half the price of painting. Painting actually is damaging to ceiling tiles and cannot be done while you are open either.

Call and get started now. It’s not going to clean itself and it’s not going to get any cleaner on it’s own.