Colorado Chefs Association

Thank You Colorado Chefs Association

A special thank you to Joan Brewster of the Colorado Chefs Association for inviting me as her guest to their recent meeting at Mile High Stadium. Where the guest of honor was the Denver Bacon Company who makes The Best Bacon. There were several stations where some awesome chefs and chefs in training were making very tasty dishes out of the bacon provided to them. Who would have thought bacon caramel would be so tasty?

It didn’t take long to see the passion and professionalism of the people in this group. This was a great opportunity to meet people who are serious about their business. From the chefs all the way to the distributors, other service providers like sharpeners and of course Ceiling Cleaners or anyone else who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry and understand the needs of their partners. This is the association to be a member of forĀ  anyone in or around the industry.