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Keeping our college campuses clean

   College Campus Cleaning

Keeping our college campuses clean and sanitary is a huge concern in this day and age. There are so many young people in and out all the time. This means cleaning is of the utmost importance. So many surfaces in so many places, how could they all stay clean? Simple answer, they don’t. Although, the Courtyard Cafe at Auraria Campus has made great strides in keeping their space a clean safe place for the students to grab a bite to eat. Owner Brian contracted us to clean the ceilings behind the serving line and in the open cafeteria area for a brighter, cleaner appearance and a more sanitary place for people to eat. Between semesters was a perfect time to get in during daylight hours and take care of business. Not everyone has these opportune down times, that is why our services are available at anytime for the convenience of our customers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s light outside or not. We will come in and cover up sensitive equipment or surfaces. Take our specialized brushes and clear the loose dust. Using our safe biodegradable water based solution we will get down to business cleaning the ceiling (and walls if you like) and fixtures. HVAC diffusers take some special attention and show us if the filters are getting changed often enough. At the end of our day (or night) everything will get cleaned up and uncovered leaving the space ready for use when the staff arrives. They will find a Certificate of Sanitation and a bright clean place to work.