Smoke Damage Cleanup Denver

I recently was able to do a test clean  on a house fire for my friends at Commercial Fire and Water. My system definitely cleans residue from ceilings and walls as well as baseboards and doors. Flat paint is not the greatest thing to clean, but my product is gentle enough that it did not simply wipe away the flat paint as you might expect. I have had no report of residual smoke odor since the cleaning was done.



2 thoughts on “Smoke Damage Cleanup Denver


    Ice damage on the other hand could cause much more physical damage,
    in which case, it’d be better to seek professional repair.
    Water and all contaminants deposited onto the hard surfaces of a flooded building must be removed in order for the building to be reoccupied safely.
    They will not only get the water up and out of your home, but
    cut the mold out as well.

    1. Chris Sullivan Post author

      You are absolutely correct. The clean up I would provide would be for areas that were not directly effected by smoke or water, but areas that need to be cleaned to match newly painted areas or areas of mild smoke damage and residue

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